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Dragon City Hack - Get free gems

Dragon city gems hack

About dragon city hack:

If  you really love Dragon City  and you don't have money or you don't want to spend on gems  THEN this is the right place for you. I made this website for all the players in the world who wants more from this game and they don't agree on spending real money on a virtual world. If you share my opinion please leave a comment and share my blog to help this website grow bigger!
Now you can get a lot of Dragon City free gems with just a click! Don't hesitate, read the hole post and you will understand how this works.
This hack is not limited to gems, you can generate big amounts of gold and food , but as a player i know that gems are the most important, because they can't be earned for free! 
This dragon city hack is made for you, lovers of dragon city, so you can get to the leather board where you belong without spending a penny.
Please NOTE! that you can ADD maximum 1000  gems per day/account. I put this restriction in order to protect the Hack from being quickly patched and to spare me from doing a new update.(i am a little lazy) This is for your own safety too, because only accounts with over 50000  gems at a time are spotted by the facebook servers. There were cases in the past where users got 999999 gems and they were spotted and had their free gems removed.

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How to use:

-Select your preferences 
-If the dragon city gem  Hack asks for update please hit the button and follow the path for update(i will update the hack every week because the dragon city servers are changing the anti-hacking algoritms all the time)
-Enjoy your  free gems !

Download :



Dragon city gems are now available for free if you follow the easy steps presented in the blog!

The best Hack of 2013 !

Now it is easier than ever to get a lot of gems , gold and food

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Free gems are now available so you don't have to pay for them any more. Don't wait and grab your goodies with our latest software